About Us

Learn about the company behind your poster.

Sports fans turned entrepreneurs.

Our co-founders were passionate sports fans, who had a specific love of jerseys. They thought jerseys were amazing art, but noticed there were several limitations. Mainly, jerseys were never made to be art on a wall. They sought to make this a reality.

The first jersey posters were for their apartment. The compliments were immediate, and led them to start a business.

This was the start of My Jersey Poster.

Custom jersey posters for all.

Now, My Jersey Poster has expanded beyond that apartment. We have an office, an expanded team, and hundreds of happy customers.

We are thankful that so many people share our love of jerseys. We are happy to see our customers proudly display their jersey posters in their home, office, bedroom, or dorm.

We cannot wait to take My Jersey Poster to the next level.